Roundup Church Finds Treasures During Highway Cleanup

For the 24th year of its chosen responsibility to clean a local highway, the Roundup Church was blessed a rare Montana day of bright blue skies, no wind and mild temperatures. And as always, the hunt for treasures was on. This year’s finds included:

  • A yellow bucket that proved useful for holding more trash.
  • A bull snake that, even smashed on the road, was trying to attack.
  • Three gloves.
  • Multiple cigarette packs.
  • Unopened mail.
  • Masks.
  • Black-and-white baby photos. The church member that found those jokingly hoped they were his. He’s never seen any from when he was a baby.
  • An unbroken turn signal assembly — maybe from a vehicle that struck a deer. 
  • A magnetic sign, which we stuck to a guardrail in hopes that the owner would see and claim it.

God gave the world to us. Let’s keep it a little cleaner. If you’d like to start your church’s relationship with your local transportation department, give them a call. 

After the cleanup, members held to tradition and shared a fellowship meal at the Harris homestead. The Harris clan loves bird watching. An afternoon at their home is a chance to see God’s handiwork in birds and blooms. Tom Harris also holds a bird walk each Fourth of July at the Roundup Riverwalk. Click here to check out his bird list.