What Can You Spare?

Recently, Montana's Roundup Church radio station Facebook page received a message from a family moving to the area. They needed help moving some items, and they were reaching out to see if we knew anyone in the church or in Roundup who could help.

A few messages back and forth on Facebook and a few phone calls later we were able to reply, "Yes, we can help. Welcome to Roundup! We will also bring you a meal that day. You won't be hungry after moving. God be with you as you travel." It's a blessing to be a blessing, but none of that would have happened unless we were connected to our community via Facebook.

Does your church have an active Facebook page or an updated website? It’s free and connects you with your community. If you need help, contact the communications department of the Montana Conference. By having an online presence, we are letting people know we are present and active in our community. We all want to help people find Jesus and know He is returning soon.

So what can you spare?

  • Can you spare some muscles for a few hours?
  • Can you spare a few moments of your time?
  • Can you spare some food to feed the hungry?
  • Can you spare some dollars for gas?
  • Can you spare some friendship?
  • Can you share the love and knowledge of Jesus?