New Spokane Christian Television Station Launched

In February, a new Christian television station was launched in Spokane, Washington, with a different focus — African Americans. The station, Rays of Light TV, will serve as a delivery system for content produced by local Seventh-day Adventists pastors, churches and individuals around the country. In particular, it will carry programming produced by Adventists of color.

Rupert Salmon, who will become the first black Seventh-day Adventist to own a television station when he purchases Spokane’s Channel 35 later this year, announced that Rays of Light TV will present a unique voice in the community.

“I feel quite strongly that God has called me to lead this ministry,” says Salmon. “African Americans in Spokane have not really had Christian programming that speaks directly to them. What we are starting here is something special.”

Channel 35 has been in operation in the Spokane area for several years. It has been operating as a ministry by a group of local churches and providing four Adventist channel streams to the local community.  

When Salmon first began volunteering with Channel 35 as a consultant, the idea of buying the station was an impossible dream. Originally, Salmon had joined the Spokane Valley Adventist Church. His abilities led him to the church’s audiovisual department and eventually to advising the group of churches that owned and operated Channel 35. However, the churches struggled to maintain the station financially. 

After more than three years as a management consultant for the station, Salmon saw an opportunity to not only continue the ministry to the Spokane area but also expand the vision. 

“The Word declares that ‘things that are impossible with man are possible with God,’” says Salmon. “What was once an impossible dream for me, I can see God’s hand in making it a reality.” 

Three of the Channel 35 streams will continue to rebroadcast Adventist programming, including local programming. The fourth stream, operating as Rays of Light TV, will focus on programming from people of color for people of color.

“These stations are providing hope and continuing the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,” says Salmon. “As with other ministries of this type, we are dependent on financial support from our viewers.”

Rays of Light is currently showcasing the series 40 Days of Preaching, Teaching and Prayer. This program is presented nightly, with the exception of Mondays, in collaboration with the North American Division prayer ministries department and the Office for Regional Conference Ministries. It can be accessed via Apple TV, Roku and Glorystar and by downloading the Rays of Light app. For more information on programming, how to watch and how to support this ministry, visit

Featured in: May/June 2021