'Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone' Shapes Lives

March 10, 2021 | Education | Ruth Lenz

Students at Palisades Christian Academy in Spokane, Washington, felt the blessings of this year's associated student body spiritual retreat. Due to pandemic restrictions, the retreat was held on campus rather than following tradition and holding it at Camp MiVoden.

After so many changes during the past year, students were thrilled they could hold the retreat. The speaker for all five meetings, Minner Labrador Jr., Upper Columbia Conference president, has such a heart for teenagers and genuinely connected with them. Labrador centered his talks around the theme “Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone.” 

“Spiritual retreat was a real blessing. I felt as though Minner Labrador was talking straight to me," says Hannah DePaula, a PCA ninth grader. "Each talk hit the point hard that God really loves us so much that He will try everything within His power to save each one of us. He will go as far as to use a talking donkey to do it! How incredible is our God! Why would you not want to worship a God like that?”

Tya Bourget, another ninth grader, shares what Labrador’s talks meant to her. “He touched so many hearts, including mine," she says. "I feel he helped me realize that I don’t have to be a perfect 'Christian' to be saved. I always felt like I could never be saved because of this. Now I feel even closer with God. I started talking to Him more and learning more about our relationship.”

Along with eating good food together on Friday evening and Sabbath and being able to fellowship outside of normal class time, a 1950s party on Saturday night topped off the spiritual retreat weekend. Students participated in some of the oldies games like musical chairs and "On the Barrelhead."

Freshman Haylee Simpson summed up the weekend: "I really liked the theme for our spiritual retreat this year and found that the more I looked into who in the Bible fit this theme, the more examples of it I could find. No matter how many times I mess up, God will still forgive me and try to shape my life to follow whatever plans He has for me.”