Albany Youth Commit Their Lives to Jesus

Sabbath, Jan. 2, 2021, was a special day of joy and celebration for the Albany Church. Not only was the year 2020 behind it, four of their younger members had chosen to be baptized. Barry Taylor, Albany Church pastor, had been studying the Bible with Adilyn Cox, Adriel Martinez, Shaina Heinrich and Brady Heinrich during the past few months. All students at Central Valley Christian School, in Tangent, Oregon, these kids took time from their school day to meet with Taylor and learn from the Bible.

When asked why he wanted to be baptized, Martinez stated firmly, “I want all my sins to be gone.”

Shaina Heinrich said, “God gave His life for me, and I want to live for Him.”

Her brother, Brady, drawing on a previous communion experience with his friend Adriel, recalled, “When I washed my feet with Adriel, I was reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice for me, and it made me happy. I want to give my life to Him.”

Cox expressed a similar desire as she confirmed her commitment, saying, “I want to live my life for Jesus forever."

Numerous family members, church family supporters and the Central Valley Christian School principal stood in support of these young people as they were baptized into a new life for Jesus. Applause and resounding amens filled the sanctuary with expressions of joy and praise. Please join the Albany church family in rejoicing in these committed lives and praying for an outpouring of God’s sweet Spirit in the days ahead.

Featured in: March/April 2021