God’s Overflowing Love

Montana's Roundup Seventh-day Adventist Church has few members, but God promises where two or three gather together He will be also (Matt.18:20). This Montana church recently set a goal for supporting the Adventist Development and Relief Agency. It seemed impossible. But every Sabbath each member was reminded of that goal when they saw the ADRA box in front of the sanctuary.

Our members were able to reach that impossible-sounding goal and raised $10,000 for ADRA. Recently we sent that money to Maranatha for a water well. This money will go to Zambia to support work in the town of Libwe.

In Roundup we have "bad" water, but nothing like what people in Africa have. In most of the U.S., we have safe water for drinking, cooking and bathing. It may look bad and smell bad but usually isn’t contaminated. In Africa — mostly sub-Saharan Africa — there are approximately 345 million without access to safe drinking water. In rural areas, people sometimes have to walk several miles to get water, but the water gathered can be contaminated.

Clean water is critical to survival. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF’s Joint Monitoring Program, a 2011 study showed that there are an estimated 768 million people using water that has been potentially contaminated. As a result, millions of people die each year from a water-related disease.

Just imagine what your church can do for God. Truly He is a great God and worthy of praise. We’ve already started another collection for a second water well. You just have to have faith.