Montana Adventist Community Services Helps With Wildfires, Pandemic

November 03, 2020 | Church | Gabriele Laub

Three individuals from Montana Conference were deployed to two different warehouses in Oregon to help the victims of wildfires in that state. The multiagency warehouses will be managed by Adventist Community Services Disaster Response teams as requested by the state.

Masks donated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency have been sent to Adventist schools in Montana, as well as any ACS locations. The masks contain copper and silver that deter the growth of coronavirus. They can be washed up to 15 times before needing to be discarded. Voluntary Agencies Active in Disaster partnered in donating these masks to ACS DR.

The Montana Conference has been awarded a COVID-19 food grant to be used for emergency food distribution by ACS and/or churches. North American Division ACS approved the application based on a proposal submitted by Bill Whitney, a pastor serving in the Bitterroot Valley. Three churches — Darby, Hamilton and Stevensville — will be holding additional and expanded food distribution during the winter months.

The Kalispell Church donated six cleanup buckets filled with cleaning supplies to the local Red Cross. This VOAD partner will be able to give these to victims of local area disasters.

Montana Conference is grateful for the willingness of individual volunteers to step up during this COVID-19 era and make a visible impact in the community. Members are also thank God for making the funds available to the conference in order to better serve their communities.