Poster Ministry Shares Christ During Crisis

Allen Radke, a retired colporteur and school teacher from Shelton, Washington, decided on a different ministry approach when faced with the social distancing restrictions.

In the early 1980s, Radke committed to always carrying a pocket full of religious brochures after he came to know Jesus through a little tract he found sitting in his parents' home. He strongly believes in the tract ministry because of how it personally changed his life.

Radke still believes in the Acts 20:20 approach of going door to door, but COVID-19 has complicated and compromised his outreach efforts.

In his devotions early one morning this year, Radke says he was impressed to make a large poster featuring Matt. 24:7. After waterproofing it, he, along with his wife, sit at a major intersection in the greater Portland area holding the sign. Radke hopes drivers will notice the sign and turn to the good news found in the Bible.