Three Sisters Students Inspire Hope

June 23, 2020 | Education | Kayla Collins

During the COVID-19 pandemic this spring, social distancing brought on a whole new set of challenges and hardships. The middle school students at Three Sisters Adventist Christian School in Bend, Oregon, found ways to give people hope during this difficult time.

After researching and studying the effects of social distancing, students brainstormed specific people and groups of people who might be struggling with loneliness or other hardships. They then came up with individualized, detailed plans to bring encouragement. One student made surprise care packages and dropped them off on peoples’ porches. Another student made encouraging yard signs and placed them in friends’ yards.

Sixth grade student Isaac Peterson wrote his piano teacher a letter and sent it with a financial gift, since she is home alone during this pandemic and unable to work. “This activity helped me grow in empathy in that I thought about someone else," Peterson shares. "My favorite part was the thrill you get when you give to others.”

Fifth grader Olive Stout says this project helped her grow in empathy because she realized “some people were feeling sadness, isolation, loneliness and being downcast.” She adds, “My intention was to elevate their feelings to joy during social distancing." Indeed these students did just that for many in their community.