ABCs of Montana Ministry

June 01, 2020 | Church | Mayra Lindberg

We are thankful for the various and creative ways our brothers and sisters in Montana are sharing Jesus' love with others amidst the new dynamics due to COVID-19.

A Great Potato Giveaway — A farming family had plenty of potatoes to share so they reached out to friends, a local organization and their church to donate over 7,200 pounds of potatoes. They held a second giveaway Sunday, April 26 where 5,200 pounds of potatoes were donated in front of their church. They continue donating potatoes to local organizations and individuals.

Baking and Cooking Lessons — Two churches created communion bread tutorials so their congregations were ready to participate at recent communion celebrations. A pastor shared a doughnut tutorial during his weekly chapel time with an elementary school. A church is going live on Facebook each week showcasing healthy cooking lessons.

COVID-19 Booklet Sharing — The Miles City, Forsyth, Belgrade and Roundup churches are covering their communities with truth filled literature. More than 18,000 pieces of 3ABN's new booklet titled "COVID 19: What's Next?" have been mailed. Please pray for a rich harvest of interests.

Delivery to the Rescue — A church is sharing a weekly Primary class package including a magazine, mission stories, lesson themed puzzles, coloring pages and a letter from the teacher. A little boy helped his mom make communion bread and deliver it safely to those self-isolating.

Fixer Upper: Mother's Room Edition — A member decided this was the best time to go in and remodel her church's mother's room. She brought in new furniture and an activity table for the little ones to enjoy.

Gowns and Masks Galore — A member recently joined a local group to assist their hospital needing 3,000 disposable plastic gowns. As of April 23, they have finished 700. This member also sewed scrub caps and pleaded masks for EMS and other county personnel.

Handy Postcards A church printed postcards to offer help to self-isolating community members.

Interviews with Church Members — A pastor interviews different members prior to the scheduled service to share how God is leading in their lives, miraculous answers to prayer, and about recent missionary experiences.

Little Lights Shine — Two siblings sent a special music video for their pastor to share with his churches. They happily sang to a familiar tune while playing their instruments (one of them an empty 6-gallon water bottle). The last stanza was not the traditional one, but relevant to our times: "Even in the quarantine, I'm gonna let it shine.”

Masks for Health Workers A member volunteered to sew masks for Montana Masks for Heroes and another member is helping press the mask straps. The agency provides mask patterns and volunteers can help sew, pick up and disperse supplies, or donate supplies money and brain power. The masks are delivered to hospitals and clinics. 4,244 masks have been donated as of April 11, 2020.

On The Edge of Time Mailer — a local church wanted to make sure outreach happened in the midst of the stay at home directive and voted to send out a mailer to their community.

Pathfinders Prepare and Deliver Care Packages — The Eastern Montana Explorers Pathfinder Club worked very hard to provide emergency packs for individuals who can't make it to the store.

Quilts of Love (and Masks Too) A self-isolating member is making masks for local needs and has given away 53 masks as well as quilts for local needs and families in need in other states.

Resurrection Skit Brings Hope Four siblings sent in a video narrative and performance of the Resurrection Story for their church's children story. The children did an outstanding job as they reminded us not to fear because He is alive!

Surprise Photos in Church Pews Three congregations came together to send in surprise portrait photos. The photos were taped to the pews of the church where the services are recorded to let their pastor know they miss him and are watching each week. One little boy posed with his Sabbath School magazine, a few members decided to jokingly pose as if they were falling asleep and the college students sneaked in a picture of their mascot.

Touching Tribute on Mother's Day — A church created a thoughtful video of various members celebrating, encouraging and acknowledging motherhood experiences.

Virtual Sabbath Greetings — A church shares Sabbath greetings video from different families each Sabbath to keep everyone connected and encouraged.

Web Design & Facebook Marketing — A church created the website with information on Coronavirus treatments as well as a link to bible studies. They've had over 15,871 visits as of April 2, 2020.

Zoom Around the Room and More  Teachers are always looking for ways to inspire, encourage and connect. Video platforms such as Zoom, Kahoot and Webex are being used for Kindergarten, Primary, Juniors and Adult Sabbath School classes as well as for Adventurer and Pathfinder clubs.