Montana Elementary Schools Hold Assemblies via Zoom

May 14, 2020 | Education | Renae Young

Every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. finds Montana’s Adventist elementary students online enjoying songs, stories and Bible lessons during the conference-wide assembly on Zoom.

It’s difficult at times to find the positives while experiencing so many negatives during the COVID-19 atmosphere. These assembly times have become a bright spot every week for students and teachers alike.

The weekly assemblies were the brainchild of Trout Creek Adventist School teacher Maurita Crew, who mentioned it during a conference teacher Zoom meeting. Immediately following the teacher meeting, staff in the Montana Conference education department were able to get the project organized. Conference pastors were happy to volunteer as speakers each week.

Jim Jenkins, pastor of Bozeman, Livingston and Mount Ellis Academy churches, spoke from an empty church building about staying connected with Jesus. Stephen Carlile, pastor of Billings and Bridger churches, spoke from his home kitchen and did a science experiment illustrating a biblical concept. Bill Whitney, pastor of Darby, Hamilton, and Stevensville churches, talked about Zerubbabel and had a ram’s horn to show the students. John Witcombe, pastor of Boulder, Helena, and Townsend churches, shared stories of animals who had traveled numerous miles in order to get back home, correlating their stories with our Christian walk.

Three weeks remain in our assembly schedule. Students are looking forward to each speaker. There’s a strong chance the online assemblies could become a permanent part of education in Montana.

Everyone is invited to attend the online assemblies. For those who would like the Zoom link each week, please contact the nearest Seventh-day Adventist school teacher or email Renae Young at