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Coronavirus Leads to 'Activity Outpost'

Like millions of parents, I remember the day the governor of our state closed all the schools in an effort to slow the COVID-19 virus. Suddenly spring break got really long.

Our family is fortunate to live in a location where we have a lot of outdoor space for our boys to roam, but the days were still getting long. So we did what millions of parents have done: We went searching online for activities we could do with our kids. We found some great ideas and resources, but they were spread all over the web. 

As more and more parents found themselves in similar situations to ours, it became clear to many of us that there was a need we might be able to help fill. Very quickly, the vision for took shape. I hope this will be a great resource for you and your family as you work to make the most of the time you have with your kids at home.

Activity Outpost is a gift from a team of volunteers who love kids and their families. Most of our contributors are volunteer staff in clubs for kids — either Adventurers or Pathfinders. Others are young adults who have grown up in these same clubs, while still more are young people who just want to do something for kids. 

We are united by this one common thread: We are loved by a gracious God, and His love given freely to us, prompts us to respond by loving and serving those around us. We live with hope in the darkest of times, and we’d like to pass a little of that confidence on to kids who can’t help but feel the stress all of us adults are experiencing during this difficult season.

Check it out for yourself at or on Instagram and Facebook.

Featured in: September/October 2020


Richie Brower

Upper Columbia Conference youth and family life associate director