Copper Basin Members Host Alaskan Princess Tea

April 17, 2020 | Church | Heather Webb

One good idea sparked another to bring aa small Alaskan church and community together in Glennallen and Copper Basin, Alaska. It all started with an AdventSource article sharing about a "Princess Tea" event.

That article fueled members' imagination and creativity. They gathered materials and supplies, planned a program, set a date and obtained permission to use the hall in the Native village of Kluti-Kaah.

When the day arrived, Adventist members transformed the hall into a princess-themed party venue. Then the guests began to arrive. Six girls showed up with their mothers, and a teenage auntie came along to enjoy the day with her niece.

The tea began with delicious refreshments followed by a Bible story about Queen Esther and a special letter from God to His princesses. The “princesses” learned a theme song and participated in fun games and crafts. Every girl receiving a special gift bag, a princess balloon and her own tiara. At the end, the girls gathered for a special group picture. 

As the guests were leaving, one of the moms asked if the church would be willing to host another Princess Tea if she could get more girls interested in attending.

Please pray for the work among the Native people of the Copper Basin. The needs truly are great, but the laborers are few. Drug use, alcoholism and abuse are widespread among the girls and young women in the Native community. Many young people grow up struggling tremendously with lack of self-worth, value and purpose in life. It is a deep burden to help them realize and believe how special and valued they are to God — how He created each of us uniquely and for a special purpose.

Reaching young children with this message of hope plants seeds of hope and purpose in their hearts. It gives them a better opportunity to be strong as friends try to pull them toward drugs and alcohol.

Please join us in praying for more mission-minded people to move to this area and help reach these precious people for Christ.