Native Art Connects With Hearts

Native American and Native Canadian people are “visual” people. From childhood they have been raised on stories and illustrations to learn how to get through life.

Over the past 18 years, we have found tremendous success in Native outreach when we use special artwork and video productions like the Native New Day and Native New Life video series. The baptisms over this period of time have increased more than 112%.

To make this unique outreach happen, it takes special people like Jeannie Spratt. Spratt is a lovely lady and an accomplished artist who worked for the Review and Herald for many years. During her time there, she worked as an associate of Harry Anderson, another well-known Adventist artist.

On her own merits, Spratt was a rare, fantastic find for the Native ministries here in the Pacific Northwest. She has painted nearly 200 religious and Native-themed works of art and made them available to the North Pacific Union Conference for ministry use. She and her husband, Bob, have a long history with Native ministries, and Bob served as principal for the Mamawi Atosketan Native School, currently the largest Native North American Adventist school in Alberta, Canada.

We thank God that He supplied the right person with the right talents at the right time in finishing God’s work. God brought the Spratts, with their love for mission outreach in North America, at just the right time. Here is a small sampling on Jeannie Spratt's artwork that has been used in our Native outreach.

If you need to use any of this artwork for outreach, contact the North Pacific Union Native office at 360-857-7037 for permission. We are eager to see these beautiful illustrations used for ministry and outreach. 

Featured in: March/April 2020


Monte Church

North Pacific Union Native American Ministries associate director