Eden’s Pantry Opens

Each Tuesday and Thursday, more than 100 Walla Walla University students visit the new Eden’s Pantry at the University Church. Since December 2019, Eden’s Pantry has provided nutritious food at no cost to students in need.

The pantry, begun by Troy Fitzgerald, University Church outreach and discipleship pastor, and Jonathan Simons, a graduate student in the social work department, offers a selection of healthful foods, including bread, canned soup, cereal, beans, and canned fruits and vegetables. Food, time and funding are donated by members of the University Church to support students and community members who struggle with access to enough food.

Fitzgerald says, “Because we believe that every person is created in the image of God, our mission reaches beyond providing food to promote the value of nutrition, increase self-sufficiency and instill hope. Furthermore, we seek to encourage an understanding of food insecurity within our community and to create a space for students and church members to volunteer and come together. In this way, Eden’s Pantry helps to ensure that food relief has a more meaningful, enduring impact.”

Having this resource on campus also gives students an opportunity to connect with members of the church and community.

To learn how you can contribute to Eden’s Pantry, visit the University Church website at www.wwuchurch.org.