Wild West Fest - A Recipe for Fun!

November 14, 2019 | Education | Kami Berry

Over the last several weeks, the gymnasium at Five Falls Christian School in Great Falls, Mont., was refashioned to look like a timeworn western town. But not without the help of many hands. Parents, grandparents, church members and even members of the public came together to transport the festival attendees back to a small Gold Rush community.

On Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019, the gymnasium was crowded with people who came to experience the Wild West. There were plenty of activities and games to keep everyone busy. There was a mine shaft maze, a rubber band gun range, a corral where you could lasso a “steer,” a station that delivered small prizes on a toy train, a sheriff’s office with a jail to hold the “outlaws,” and a corn hole and ring toss game. In one corner sat a covered wagon to hold pots of cowboy chili, mama’s cornbread and all the fixin’s. The chili that was provided for the dinner was also part of a chili cook-off, which had three winners.

A major fundraiser for Five Falls Christian School is the dessert auction. It was great fun, with people jumping up to be the first to purchase the prized pies and treats.

A fun time was had by all who came and supported the students of Five Falls Christian School.