Poplar Update Report

Early this summer a group of Korean volunteers from the Chicago, Ill., area and Pennsylvania hosted a work bee at the new Living Hope Center building project in Poplar, Mont., to prep things for the construction of the building. They also conducted a free eye clinic and provided prescription glasses to about 120 people and did community projects around town for the local people.

Last year the basement was completed, and the main floor put on just before winter. This summer our sewer was connected from the building to the city, and a hot shower and toilet were also installed for groups to use on site.

Then what seemed almost impossible happened. Over the course of the next three weeks we had three groups of about 40 volunteers come from Michigan and other states to erect the building.

The first group stacked the foam block walls and filled them with concrete. Then in the next two weeks all the framing of the interior walls was completed, the trusses and roof completed, and the doors and windows installed. During this time a large group of teenagers from an Extreme Teen Challenge Workout also helped with the building project.

The busy group also hosted the Annual International Food Fair in Wolf Point at the community college. The fair included healthy vegetarian food, a Vacation Bible School and installing handicap ramps for the elderly Natives in the community.

Several weeks later another group of more than a dozen men and women from western Montana churches came and finished the stairs and soffits, along with a lot of loose ends that will now allow us to move ahead with the installation of the HVAC and electrical systems.

A second VBS was also held by our local church members, and local Natives are attending church each week and giving Bible studies. Yes, you read that correctly: Our nonbaptized attendees are also now helping to give Bible studies.

A small change was also made to the basement this past year, and living quarters were added allowing a Bible worker to reside on site.

Many answers to prayer are happening with this project each week, and we are excited to see God’s providence and direction guiding us to its completion. It’s our hope to open the doors and start worshiping in the building this spring or early summer.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for the project and our local members as they share of the blessings of God to the local people in Poplar. 

Below is a link to the Berrien Springs Village Church vespers program that includes a full report with all the pictures of this summer's project and those who helped. 

If you would like to help with the project this winter, please email Leigh Van Asperen or call 208-610-3004.