Roundup Radio Talks About Jesus

The Roundup Church feels blessed to have a radio station. KQLJ 105.5-FM LP broadcasts 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) programming to the immediate Roundup, Mont., area 24 hours a day.

A program first instituted by former pastor Andrew Raduly, Let’s Talk About That, is still aired each Monday at 4 p.m. The parishioners decided to take on the responsibilities after Raduly left Montana.

Kay Dickerson, Jane Ostby, Nora Dimmick and Norma Trent man the microphones while Norm Ostby helps with the mixing board. Each half hour program is broadcast live on-air and simultaneously on Facebook. We currently are studying an Amazing Facts Bible study guide.

A link is provided on Facebook so viewers can follow along at the time of broadcast or at a later time as they choose.