MEA Helps the Homeless

October 31, 2019 | Education | Jordan Pratt

On a freezing cold Saturday afternoon, 13 Mount Ellis Academy (Bozeman, Mont.) students went out and helped raise money for the homeless shelter.

We did not think it would be too cold, so we decided to just bring a sweater. When we got to Costco, there were people waiting for us, and Jim Jenkins, Bozeman Church pastor, put us into groups. Then we were off to our destinations.

Four other students and I were standing right on the corner of Costco, holding our signs. It was very chilly. We were there for about five minutes, and there were probably 20 people who donated for the homeless shelter. When it was time to put all of the money into the bucket, we saw that we had received more than $300 dollars in one hour.

We decided to change our location, so Jenkins brought us to where there was a four-way intersection. We were standing on the corner, holding our signs and asking for more donations. I think that, toward the end, everyone was getting tired and stressed about being out in the cold, especially because it was very windy. 

It turns out, that as a group, we received more than $3,500 dollars in donations. Afterward, we loaded up into the car and headed back to Mount Ellis Academy. It was a great day. I had so much fun helping out the homeless.