Adventist Education Means Eye-Opening Experiences

July 03, 2019 | Education | Makayla Browning

Adventist education has made a positive difference in my life. Without it, I wouldn’t have had so many eye-opening experiences. Throughout my years at Seventh-day Adventist schools, I've gone on fun and exciting trips to go and give a helping hand to people in need. Those activities have ranged from building churches and cleaning up the environment to helping at homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

In March, I went on a mission trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, where we did a lot of outreach to the people there. It was late when we arrived, and we were all very tired, but it was a Wednesday Bible study for the church there so we stayed up with them and worshipped through song and devotion. It was a really warm welcome.

The Golden Heart School was kind enough to let us stay in their new gym the week that we were there. In the mornings we would get up and have breakfast together in the school, while one of our students led out in worship. Afterward, half of our group would stay with the school kids and help them with their homework, while the other half of the group went to a restaurant for the homeless called Stone Soup.

While at Stone Soup, we would help clean up and keep everything orderly. But the main reason we were there was to sit down and talk to the people, to listen to their stories and let them know that we were there for them. At first I was a little nervous, but my teachers helped me realize that we were there to spread the Word of God and show them God’s love. My teachers told me that even if I was uncomfortable, I should still talk to the people and make them feel good, which would also make me feel good. They were right. Everyone there was so beautiful and kind, and so happy that we were there for them. It really opened my eyes because what felt like such a small simple action to me, made someone else’s day, helping them realize that they weren’t worthless and that they were truly and undeniably loved.

The day we left was such a hard day for everyone. All of the kids told us goodbye and gave us cards and hugs. We waved goodbye to each other as we drove away until we couldn’t see each other anymore. Many of us cried, me included, as we thought of the impact that those people had in our lives.

This amazing trip wouldn’t have been possible if I my parents hadn’t put me into an Adventist school. And if my teachers hadn’t pushed me to reach out to people, I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people. Because of Adventist education, I am more willing and more comfortable to reach out to people in need.