PSAA Basketball Program Awarded School of the Year

The gym is filled with the noise of basketballs bouncing and the crowd excitedly taking their seats to cheer on their school’s team. As the referees prepare to start, a coach pulls their team together and begins to pray.

Before each game, Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) Sharks basketball team has continued their tradition of starting their games with prayer. During the game, the students reflect good sportsmanship toward both the school they are playing with and the referees. For this attitude, (PSAA) was awarded School of the Year by the Pacific Basketball Officials Association (PNBOA) for all WIAA classification (1B–4A).

“Your behavior expands at the table to the coaches and players. It’s fantastic,” says Dave Augustavo, PNBOA basketball official, during the presentation. “The administrative support and everything you have here makes a real positive difference for the referee’s standpoint, and you are well-deserving of this award.”

Augustavo reflected that there is never a bad word and always a palpable good attitude when you interact with the PSAA team.

“We are proud of our sports culture,” says Ron Jacaban, PSAA principal. “Let’s strive to repeat it!”

Featured in: July/August 2019