Klamath Falls Renewal Project

The Klamath Falls (Ore.) Church has completed extensive improvements in their community service/fellowship hall. In an effort to improve usability of the building, new acoustics and audio/visual equipment have been installed. With the efforts of several church members the ceiling was scraped, patched, smoothed, retaped, textured, primed and painted. New acoustic panels and LED light fixtures were installed. A large- screen television and speakers are also part of the improvements. 

One of the first events held in the newly renovated building was the women’s ministries tea party on the afternoon of April 7, 2019. Following the theme "Steps to Growth," the tables were decorated and set with teapots, teacups and flowers. Tea-style sandwiches and pastries were served along with various flavors of herbal teas. Women’s ministries leader Roma Gryte presented an interesting talk about the history of tea. Marcia Mollenkopf gave an amusing devotional presentation. 

Each attendee decorated a quilt square with fabric pens. Patty Moore and Judy Taylor sewed the squares together during the meeting. The finished product was displayed and will be given to a church member who is now, because of poor health, unable to attend church. 

We have also had our regular monthly Cooking Club meeting, weekly community service dinners, women’s Bible studies and fellowship dinners in the updated room. Everyone is pleased with the improvements that include the ability to hear each other better! The new audio/visual improvements will also make the room more fully usable.  

This renewal project was made possible through a grant from the North American Division Adventist Community Services and Oregon Conference along with donations from local church families. Several of our members were involved with all stages of the planning and execution of the improvements. With Pam Munoz spearheading the project, Mark Ager as the work supervisor and many helping hands to whom we are very thankful, the work was accomplished.