Treasure Valley Efforts Reap Nearly 40 Baptisms

February 21, 2019 | Missions and Outreach

Preliminary reports from the Idaho Conference show recent mission-directed efforts have resulted in many commitments for Christ. By the end of the Prophecies Unsealed meetings in February and initial follow up, 38 individuals joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church by baptism, rebaptism or profession of faith. More than 20 others are continuing to study toward baptism.

Michael Gee was brought in by the conference to inspire and train Idaho members to give Bible studies. Throughout 2018 and 2019 nearly 60 members have thus been involved in teaching Scripture truth to others. One gentleman, more than 90 years old, gave a Bible study for the first time in his life. The lady receiving studies from him got baptized in December.

A young lady in her 20s also tried it for the first time and saw a baptism result. The small Heyburn Church had almost as many guests attending the Prophecies Unsealed meetings as church members. Newly baptized members will nearly double Sabbath attendance.

“We are excited that a new culture is emerging in the Treasure Valley,” says Gee, “one that is helping us see the mission field in our own communities.”

Evangelists Brian and Heidi McMahon wrapped up the Prophecies Unsealed series of meetings on Feb. 9, 2019. Primary meetings throughout the series were held at the Cloverdale Church in Boise, which was assisted by the Kuna and Meridian churches. Additional church sites around the conference (Nampa, Eagle, Heyburn, Middleton and Elgin) joining via livestream. Several locations, including Cloverdale, held their main baptisms during church services on Feb. 16.

Watch for a more in-depth story and video report from the Gleaner in the weeks ahead.