Small Church Shares With a Big Heart

September 23, 2018 | Maxine Solomon

LifeSource Community Church, part of the Upper Columbia Conference, is a small church located on Government Way in Hayden, Idaho. This church family has a huge heart for reaching people for Jesus. One very significant way in which they reach the unchurched is by serving breakfasts and sharing Bible texts with the homeless.

Every Sabbath morning a rotating team of church volunteers get up early to bring the warm breakfasts and have short worships at the local center called Second Chance Commons located in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. Many of the homeless there are searching for something better in their lives and enjoy the hot breakfasts and talking about Jesus and the Bible verses that are shared.

Recently there has been a disruption in their efforts. Someone crashed into the commons building with his car, smashing the front of the building, hitting a guitarist who was playing music in front of the building at the time, and sending him to the emergency room with a badly smashed leg. The building had to be closed and boarded up, ruining the volunteers’ ability to serve breakfast and have a worship service for the homeless there. 

But this hasn’t stopped the efforts of LifeSource Community Church volunteers. Instead, each week the breakfast teams bring their own equipment, including table and chairs, food and utensils for breakfast. The homeless who have been coming each week continue being fed, both physically and spiritually. They look forward to the volunteers coming each Sabbath and are happy that they have. God keeps blessing this small church with its big heart and the homeless its members serve.