Moscow Young People Do Church

September 24, 2018 | Karri Walde

The Moscow (Idaho) Church loves to promote and encourge our young people to not just attend church but "do church."

We have a Sabbath in which young people handle the entire church service, including song service, Scripture reading and visual demonstrations including a skit about trust and faith. For another visual, a paper chain represented all the prayers from the cradle roll and kindergarten classes. These visual reminders of God's love, grace and mercy in action are so powerful.

Four of our youth studied, prepared and presenting their own sermons. What an amazing gift our young people are and what an amazing opportunity to do church. 

At this is a time with all of our Earth's challanges and chaos, it is so wonderful to encourgage and allow our young peopel to embrace and partake in the church service. The entire church congreation looks foward to this Sabbath, and it is so great to see church members of all ages enjoying what our young people have worked so hard to do.