Beacon Turns 100

On Sabbath, April 21, 2018, Beacon Christian School in Lewiston, Idaho, celebrated 100 years of Christian education, a huge accomplishment for a small private school. After the celebration, the school’s three ninth-graders were given a journalism assignment in which they reported on the event. The following are excerpts of their articles.

All the area churches held a church service in the school’s gym with teachers, board members and alumni leading out, most notably the keynote address by Beacon alumnus Alden Thompson, a professor of biblical studies at Walla Walla University. There was music by the Beacon band, a praise team and a Lewiston brass ensemble. The entire service focused on how God has used Beacon to work in and through people’s lives and how He will continue to do so. The history of the school was highlighted as well. City records show that the first school was built and occupied in 1919, but instruction likely started before that at the church or in somebody’s home until church members were able to build at the original Eighth Avenue site. In 1972, Beacon Christian School moved to its current location on Stewart Avenue. — Kendra Beardsley

After the celebration, I asked many different people about it. Everyone enjoyed this eventful day. The children loved playing games, making crafts, participating in Sabbath School and singing songs. The adults enjoyed coming together with their friends and family. Principal/upper-grade teacher David Gage’s favorite part was seeing the kids onstage performing and helping out with everything. Another teacher loved watching as alumni looked at old pictures and figured out who was depicted there. Two alumni who were involved in children’s church loved meeting in the old Pathfinder tent outside and later releasing 100 balloons. The event brought back many fun childhood memories. — Halli Knox

Throughout my eight years at Beacon, I have come to learn what sets the school apart. Though small, Beacon provides a family community among parents, teachers and students. It is not unusual to see parents and friends of the school donating their time to help out — carpooling, providing hot lunch on Wednesdays or doing things to lighten the teachers’ loads. Having religion as a class also benefits the students. Everyone here will tell you that a knowledge of God has helped them solve life’s problems.  I cannot imagine spending these years at any other school than Beacon. This experience has helped me become who I am and gain lifelong friendships. The teachers are open-minded, the students are welcoming, and the school is just a wonderful community to be a part of. — Claire James

Featured in: July/August 2018