Sharon Church Closes 2017 and Enters 2018 in Style

The members of Sharon Church in Portland, Ore., welcomed their new pastor, Garth Dottin, in mid-October 2017, and the celebration did not stop there. They continued by closing out the year with a New Year’s Eve service and celebration that included games, food, a DJ, testimonies and, yes, two baptisms.

Earlier in December, two others joined the church by profession of faith and three others through baptisms. Bringing in the new year of 2018 they again celebrated the amazing power of God with two more baptisms on Jan. 13 — bringing the total recent baptisms to seven.

Let’s all give the right hand of fellowship to those who made the decision to walk with God, by welcoming them into our worldwide family. They include Theresa Holcey, Justin Dare, Dimitra Williams-Weinstein, Gabby Hillis, Theodore Johnson, Tracy Mansfield, Brianna Mansfield, Jumah Smith and Georgina Olazaran. Let’s continue to keep them lifted up in prayer.

The Sharon Church congregation then embarked upon a 10-day fast and prayer session Jan. 11. The testimonies heard as a result of the fast were amazing. Glory to God for all He is doing in this part of the vineyard.

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Featured in: March 2018