Intergenerational Sabbath School Introduced in Auburn

Sabbath School at Auburn Adventist Academy Church has taken on a new look for the 2017–2018 school year. Titled “The Second Act,” the new intergenerational Sabbath School helps to “build community, expand the church family and create connections between students and adults,” says Angel Ogando, lead pastor.

Participants are initially greeted and invited to join a round discussion table filled with an assortment of simple breakfast snacks and representation of a variety of age groups. During the one-hour session, the groups discuss questions relating to a specific Bible study.

“The Second Act really helps students connect with the adults in the church family,” says Aby Luna, a junior at Auburn Adventist Academy.

Although it is fresh and new to the church-goers, The Second Act has been a long, thought-out process with careful study and prayer. Jennifer Woody, Auburn Adventist Academy chaplain, says, “We wanted to create a community by following the biblical model in Acts.”

Students and adults have been reacting positively and the attendance has been “better than expected,” Ogando says. The Bible studies during The Second Act go hand in hand with the sermon series. This helps people find unique ways to relate to the message and then discuss their ideas with other group members.

Jed Coon, an academy senior, says that the various ages within each group help to “break the barriers between generations.”

To aid in creating the community-based atmosphere, this Sabbath School approach focuses on “fellowship, eating, praying and studying the Bible,” Ogando says. Auburn Adventist Academy Church is excited, leaders say, about giving students and adults the opportunity to engage in such an innovative and beneficial way to study God's Word this school year.

Featured in: November 2017