Alaska Conference Gets 'Face-Lift'

The Alaska Conference has been blessed to have Howard Williams and his wife, Charleen, lead the efforts of a much-needed remodel of its offices, which has not been updated since the conference opened in the early 1980s. The purpose of the remodel was threefold: 1) to have a warm, inviting reception area designed to welcome visitors and members, where they could sit and enjoy the wall-mounted fireplace in comfortable chairs; 2) to emphasize the work in Alaska with displays highlighting Arctic Mission Adventure and Alaska Camps; and 3) to share the conference goal to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations …” (Matt 28:19), with the text displayed on a main wall for all to see.

The first phase of the remodel encompassed the office lobby, large conference room and the offices of the president, vice president of administration and the administration's secretary. These areas were the first to be updated to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome. The second phase will be accomplished a few years down the road and will include the remaining offices on the upper level. In tandem with the upstairs renovations and remodeling, the guest rooms were all updated as a separate project.

Some may be curious as to how the conference was able to afford these improvements. Well, God is good! He gives us wisdom and understanding to use His blessings wisely and prepare for the upkeep and maintenance of facilities He has provided to further the sharing the good news of His grace and salvation. Accordingly, the conference set aside a small amount of nontithe funds. Over time, monies grew sufficiently to fund the repairs and remodeling (along with a direct donation or two from our church family).

The conference invites local members and extended church family to visit the conference office or stay in one of the guest rooms when you find yourself in Anchorage and see our “face-lift.”

Featured in: October 2017