Tea Party Celebrates God’s Princesses

Many little girls like to pretend to be a princess. They enjoy dressing up in pretty dresses and sparkly things; it makes them feel special. Playing off that idea, a mother-daughter Princess Tea was held at Anchorage Junior Academy on Feb. 11 for more than 120 people, including 61 girls ages 4–12 and their mothers, grandmothers and adult friends.

The community-focused event was extended to neighbors, family members and friends and featured the royal treatment: eating treats, making crafts and playing games while the girls learned they too really are princesses. The girls sang “Jesus Calls Me His Princess” to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me,” creating a memory about who they are in Christ. Colette Carr, Hannah Jordan, Haley Jordan, Alba R. and Samantha Lonser presented a skit.

The girls were encouraged to have their mothers share with them about great women in the Bible such as Esther, Ruth and Lydia. They also brought donated socks, combs, brushes, gloves, T-shirts and other items for the Anchorage Abuse Women in Crisis Center.

Alaska Conference women’s ministries' goals include to empower little girls, build a foundation of confidence in God as they grow and teach them how uniquely special they are to Him. Girls need godly women who care about them and help guide them to God as they grow into their teens and enter adulthood.

Many of the attendees said their children have never experienced an event like this and were thankful they were able to attend. One mother mentioned she was from another denomination and said, “I was invited by a friend, and that’s why I came. My daughter had a good time this evening. The church I attend does not allow parents to sit in the congregation with their children; we have to sit in a separate area during the sermon. The time spent here was great.” 

She went on to ask, “Where is your church located? I’d like to start attending."

Featured in: April 2017