Oregon’s Deaf Christian Women’s Ministry Hosts Retreat

Oregon’s Deaf Christian Women’s Ministry (DCWM) hosted a retreat in September in Ocean Park, Wash., where 20 women from across the United States — including from Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Texas and New York — gathered for a spirit-filled weekend. The retreat's theme, “Walking With Jesus,” reminds us that walking together requires a commitment — we must be going the same direction, at the same pace, at the same time and to the same place. Tawny Sportsman and Bunola Hovey were keynote speakers.

DCWM explains why it’s so important to have their own retreats. They look forward to meeting with their hearing sisters in Christ but feel somewhat left out. Why? Because they need spiritual food as well as spiritual fellowship. DCWM is able to help meet the needs of the deaf women who gather each year by providing their own retreat where they can mingle together. They speak American Sign Language and are able to understand one another.

They also use speakers who sign in their presentations. The women benefit greatly as presentations are signed and presented in their own language. Interpreters are wonderful and appreciated but not for an extended retreat.

DCWM will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in October 2017 at Newberg, Ore. If you would like to help with this ministry please email Ronda Alexander, director, or you may email Bunny Hovey, coordinator.

These women work hard all year long to earn money for retreat. One woman who sells Avon gave half of what she earned to DCWM but didn’t attend because she couldn’t afford to fly to Oregon. What dedication! They are doing all they can to make this retreat possible, but they need your help. Thank you for your prayers and for giving what you can to help make this retreat possible.

Featured in: April 2017