Introducing the New NPUC Executive Committee

Approved by delegates to the 28th NPUC Constituency Session on September 25, 2016, the following individuals will serve as the NPUC executive committee.

Ex Officio Positions

  • John Freedman, NPUC president
  • John Loor Jr., NPUC vice president for administration
  • Mark Remboldt, NPUC chief financial officer
  • Alphonso McCarthy, NPUC vice president for regional affairs
  • César De León, NPUC vice president for Hispanic ministries
  • Dennis Plubell, NPUC vice president for education
  • John McVay, WWU president
  • Kevin Miller, Alaska Conference president
  • David Prest Jr., Idaho Conference president
  • Merlin Knowles, Montana Conference president
  • Al Reimche, Oregon Conference president
  • Paul Hoover, Upper Columbia Conference president
  • Dale Galusha, Pacific Press Publishing Association president
  • Joyce Newmyer, Adventist Health Northwest Region president
  • David Freedman, Oregon Conference treasurer
  • Jim Jensen, Alaska Conference treasurer
  • Washington Conference president (to be determined)

Elected Positions

  • Steve Evenson, Alaska pastor
  • S.R. Thorward, Alaska lay member
  • Paul Woodward, Alaska lay member
  • Michael Pearson, Idaho pastor
  • Ila Cockrum, Idaho lay member
  • Jerry Nickell, Idaho lay member
  • Jim Jenkins, Montana pastor
  • Earl [Redacted], Montana lay member
  • Kabrina Vinglass, Montana lay member
  • Edwin Vargas, Oregon pastor
  • Gretchen Bowers, Oregon lay member
  • Dale Bryson, Oregon lay member
  • Maria Lopez, Oregon lay member
  • Pedro Pozos, Oregon lay member
  • Rory Wold, Oregon lay member
  • Terrance Taylor, Upper Columbia pastor
  • Mable Dunbar, Upper Columbia lay member
  • Maria Duron, Upper Columbia lay member
  • Alyce Ispirecu, Upper Columbia lay member
  • Julie Sanders Keymer, Upper Columbia lay member
  • Paul Rasmussen, Upper Columbia lay member
  • Gary Fogelquist, Washington pastor
  • Jon Altman, Washington lay member
  • Mileen Loeffler, Washington lay member
  • Don Mead, Washington lay member
  • Jack Woosley, Washington lay member

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