Eureka Baptisms

Eureka Church members welcomed 11 people into their congregation through baptism on Sabbath, March 5.

The Eureka Church held an evangelistic series on Sept. 11, 2015, hosted by David Steward and entitled “Cracking the Prophetic Code.” His clear and deliberate presentation made the Bible truths presented indisputable and forceful. 

All but one of the baptismal candidates attended these meetings and said being part of these meetings helped in making their decisions to join this church movement. One candidate shared that she had a dream in which she saw a door from which a great light shined through. As she approached the light, the door began closing by an unseen hand. She knew that now was the time to make her decision to join the church and confess her faith in Jesus Christ.

Prior to the evangelistic meetings, the Eureka Church held a healthful living seminar that also aided in drawing some of these people to the church. Following the meetings, the church held a verse-by-verse study of the book of Revelation during prayer meetings. All of the baptismal candidates came to these meetings.

This follow-up gave members the time and opportunity to develop friendships with all of these candidates. These friendships proved to be vital in the development of these interests and developed the support needed to overcome addictions and many other issues that the Lord took away. It has been a blessing to witness how powerfully the Lord had been working with all these people to demonstrate His love for them and to make them aware of their calling.

Featured in: May 2016