Sharon Church Holds 'Destination Paradise' VBS

The mission of Sharon Church in Portland is "to welcome with love and minister to our church, our family and our community." That mission was put into action with this year’s Vacation Bible School — promoting the theme "Destination Paradise."

During the week of June 15–19, Sharon Church’s simple basement was transformed into a tropical island paradise of undersea animals plus a monkey pod tree complete with hanging branches and swinging monkeys. Tropical flowers and plants as well as decorated stations made the island scene even more adventurous.

Every evening, children were welcomed by "travel agents" who guided the children in songs, memory verses and God’s Word. 

About 30 children, ages 3–12, attended. They were given a guided tour throughout the island stations: games at Finn’s Surf Shop, crafts at Conch Cove and fishing at Sun Rise Reef.

Evenings ended with the roundup of the day’s events, a theme song, memory verses and a snack.

On Sabbath, parents attended a special presentation given by the children during which they also witnessed their children receive certificates, sing songs and recite memory verses. It all ended downstairs directly after service with fellowship and refreshments.

Featured in: October 2015