Anchorage Students Minister to Congregations

June 16, 2014 | Ken Crawford

One Sabbath each month, the Anchorage Junior Academy (AJA) students attend one of the seven area churches and conduct the entire church service. Students, with the help and support of the teachers, staff and music leaders, have developed programs including the sermon, puppet ministry children’s story, instrumental and choir songs, Scriptures, and prayer. The most recent program, “Bless His Holy Name,” was inspired by 1 Peter 1:15: “Be holy in all you do, just as God, the One who called you, is holy.”

“It is an inspirational program, and it touched my heart,” stated one attendee. “Seeing all those children singing their hearts out, all dressed in their uniforms, was quite encouraging. I think the future of our education program is in good hands.”

Kim Purvis, AJA first- and second-grade teacher, was the inspiration behind the program and has shepherded it from church to church for the last three years.

AJA has been in operation since 1941 and moved to its present location on O’Malley Road in 1969. AJA covers prekindergarten through grade eight. It has more than tripled student enrollment in the last three years and hopes to expand to 10th grade next school year.

Watch a video from AJA's performance on Facebook.