Richland Walks for Diapers

October 30, 2013 | Richland | Jay Wintermeyer

There’s a dirty little secret in many communities: On average, one in three American families can’t afford diapers for their babies. The Richland (Wash.) Church knows this little secret, and this fall they held a Stroller-Thon to raise awareness.

Richland Church members have staffed a diaper bank ministry to help needy families since January 2011. The ministry has been successful in helping families and single parents, giving away more than 205,000 diapers in 2012 alone.

This fall members decided to do more. They came up with the idea to hold a Stroller-Thon Walk to help raise awareness about the need. The event centered around a walk where people could walk for diapers. Members posted diaper need facts along the route.

“I loved what I learned on the walk," said one mother who participated. She shared how she didn’t know children living in poverty needed diapers until she took the walk and read the facts.

In addition to the walk, members had many activities for families and children who attended the Stroller-Thon. Parents were impressed by the activities and appreciated how they didn't take a lot of money or fancy equipment. Many left inspired to try out some of the ideas and activities in their own homes.

“It's so nice to know we are making a wonderful, positive impact even in ways we did not imagine," says Renèe Martin, Richland member.

To learn more about the need for diapers, visit