Blessings for Belize Team Brings Multifaceted Ministry to Central America

Heaven provided the blessings and the people of Sunnyside Church in Portland, Ore., provided the financial resources for Blessings for Belize (B4B), a mission endeavor to the northeastern coast of Central America.

The mission included meetings, dubbed "The Dynamic Bible — Twelve Revelatory Messages" and conducted by Scott LeMert, Sunnyside Church senior pastor, and Richard Fenn, Sunnyside Church mission leader, that ran April 6–22. In addition, there were three children's festivals with wonderful stories, lively music and hands-on activities held each Sabbath.

Adventists make up more than 10 percent of Belize's population. The country's capital, Belmopan, a city of nearly 13,350 residents, was chosen for Sunnyside Church's Big Tent series.

Fenn led two teams totaling 41 participants who planned, traveled and provided much-needed spiritual, physical and moral support to people in several locations in Belize. The evangelistic program included the Big Tent series, children's ministries led by Bonnie Mackett and women's ministries led by Kathy Pruitt.

The B4B medical team, led by Arnold Petersen, performed 21 surgical operations at La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital and provided specialized nursing education in obstetrics, CPR certification and health education.

Construction projects included improvements to two churches and a community basketball court. B4B gifted money to the Belize Union for the installation of a roof on one of the churches. On the hospital campus, B4B builders enlarged a parking area.

Jim and Linae Moor from the Meadow Glade Church in Battle Ground, Wash., joined the Sunnyside team and had a special opportunity to visit with two Mennonite families who had recently lost children in drowning accidents. The Moors, having lost a child themselves, had special empathy for these families, and their visit was much appreciated.

Angelo Dominguez, Belmopan Church pastor, baptized 21 people on the final Sabbath of the mission. Everyone agreed the blessings went both ways and made the whole experience special.

Featured in: September 2012


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