Glendive Community Outreach Weekend

Over 64 participants, representing churches from Montana, North Dakota, Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois and Washington joined in eastern Montana's "mini-mission" for a weekend in mid August.

Clothed in lime green shirts with navy blue writing that said "Community Impact Weekend Aug. 12–14, Glendive, Mont.," the participants undertook 12 community projects. Many people stopped and asked what they were all about. They had seen some up on roofs, some painting, others picking up trash, painting, mowing and trimming weeds, dry walling a home, collecting food for the Food Pantry, giving a raw-food cooking class, and more.

The weekend was advertised on two TV stations, and three radio stations. Ruth Fish, Montana women's ministries leader and event coordinator, was interviewed by a local reporter who wrote two articles about the event, and then took pictures for the newspaper.

Many prayers were answered through the planning process. One was a request for a trailer skirt for the home of a woman with no available funds. The group agreed to provide labor, if money and supplies could be acquired. Thursday afternoon, a personal donor provided the needed funds. When the woman was told the good news, she cried. Sabbath morning she came to church. When it was time for praise and prayer requests, the woman stood and praised the Lord for the group. On Friday and Sunday, over 414 hours were logged in community service projects. Since then, members have been involved in other projectss, logging in over 199 accumulated hours.

Letters and emails of thanks continue to arrive. Many thanks go to Tawny Sportsman from Oregon, who provided council; Sue Patzer, North Pacific Union Conference women's ministries leader, who spoke for the 11 a.m. worship hour; Merlin Knowles, Montana Conference president, who facilitated Sabbath School and participated; Sue Ansari, who gave a raw-food cooking school and led an informative class on how laughter is good for health; and Joe Pearles who provided a community concert Sabbath evening.

Featured in: November 2011


Ruth Fish

Montana Conference women's ministries director