Auburn Celebrates Healthy Enrollment

Auburn Adventist Academy's school community prayed throughout the summer for a healthy enrollment for the 2011–12 school year.

The budget was set at a conservative 220 students. Summer recruiters kept in contact with prospective students. Applications kept arriving. Registration day buzzed with activity. The question everyone kept asking was: "How many?"

Enrollment numbers are closely watched as a new school year begins, and even more so after last year's enrollment didn't match up with the budget, resulting in staff and budget cut-backs.

But the good news is, in answer to prayer, AAA is celebrating a healthy enrollment this year with 250 students.

"We are healthy as a school with enrollment right now," says Nathan Klingstrand, AAA's new vice principal.

The campus has 160 returning students and 90 new students. There are 50 freshmen, 65 sophomores, 65 juniors and 70 seniors. Also included in the school family are 29 international students from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

"We now have something to build on for the future," says John Freedman, AAA board chair. "We changed the governance, established a constitution and bylaws, restructured the board, established a management committee, revamped the budget, reassigned duties and surpassed our enrollment needs."

"We are committed," says Samir Berbawy, AAA principal, "to providing young people with a quality, Christ-centered education in a safe environment."

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