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July 01, 2011

Dear Counselor ...

"Lately I've noticed texting from my mobile phone has become an obsession. I send texts to all my friends and keep sending to those who reply. It doesn't make any sense, but when I am left without anyone to send to, I just text myself! At times it's almost impossible to keep my hands off the cell phone. Any advice?" — Rick

Read the answer from Julian Melgosa and staff from the Walla Walla University School of Education and Psychology this month on the GLEANER Blog.

Cheri Corder talks about fish ...

My daughter grew up a vegetarian. She's never had a hamburger or a piece of chicken or even one little bite of smoked Alaskan salmon. "HOW could anyone go HUNTING?" she'd wonder. "And FISHING?" Which is why I couldn't help but smile when she married into a family that not only EATS fish ... they FISH, in ALASKA. Every summer. And now, SHE is going fishing too.

"Wow!" I said. "That will be a lot of really hard, physical work!"

"I think I'll do fine," she reassured me, "once I get past all the fish."

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Mike Jones asks ...

Do you ever notice some folks you used to see regularly in church aren't present anymore? Do you think, "I really should give them a call?" But you don't? I've got some ideas that may help you carry out those good intentions to connect with former members.

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