Bible Prophecy Seminar

The Nampa (Idaho) Church recently held a seminar on Islam and Christianity, presented in February by Tim Roosenberg, guest speaker and Eagle Church pastor. There was an average daily attendance of more than 150 non-members and at least 264 guests who came once.

God's message was overwhelmingly received as 399 attendees signed registration cards. Of those attendees, 264 (66.17 percent) were non-Adventists while 135 (33.83 percent) were confirmed Adventists. These attendees were met by welcoming greeters and ushers and were fed by Maria Crew and volunteers.

The event was supported by Nampa Church members as they participated in 40-consecutive days of prayer beginning Jan. 1, in preparation for the Feb. 18 seminar. Members feel their prayers and renewed walks with the Lord helped make the Bible prophecy seminar a success. The church gave Bible concordances to the 109 guests who came to eight presentations or more.

Upon the series conclusion, guests signed up for church members to follow up. The church solicits prayers as they continue working with these guests.

Featured in: May 2011