March 01, 2011

Land of Beginning Again

On the same day my husband and I received the February GLEANER, I started reading "Land of Beginning Again" (editorial) as I ate my lunch. A memory tapped in of when Lowell Litten, former Junior Guide editor and member of our church in Vienna, Virginia, in the 1980s, read that poem for a special Thanksgiving worship. Coincidentally, still on the same day, I was listening to an old cassette tape as I was resting. I knew it was an old Thanksgiving tape, but I didn't remember that Lowell Litten was going to read "Land of Beginning Again." I love God's serendipities. Curious, I looked online and found that Louise Fletcher Tarkington is the author. May the practical applications extrapolated by Max Torkelsen II find fulfillment in our daily lives this year.

Tina Thomsen, Silverdale, Washington

Imitation Hits the Mark

I was once very quick to criticize you for your writing of an article and what the impact of it might have on some minds. We might not agree on all points, but on the article "Imitation" (Let's Talk, January 2011) I do believe we are on the same page. It is well written and so true. We, on an individual basis, need to do more study of our Bibles and of the writings of E. G. White, or else how are we going to know whom we are imitating? From the latest TV show or reality show we are going to learn nothing except self is the most important thing to be gleaned, and the less time we will have to communicate with our Lord and Master, and have the desire to imitate Him. Thank you for your timely message.

Bill Gillaspy, White City, Oregon

High Marks for GleanerNOW!

You have a terrific newsletter! Great layout – high quality news selection! Who does it?

Lynetta Murdoch, North American Division

GLEANER responds: Thanks, Lynetta. Our weekly e-newsletter is a collaborative effort of our communication team. It summarizes the latest news around the Northwest and the world church and is distributed via e-mail every Thursday. Those who aren't already signed up to receive it can do so at gleaneronline.org.