Cloverdale Members Catch the Spirit

A major exterior makeover for the Cloverdale Church, in Boise, Idaho, was the mission during 2009. What the church didn’t plan on was the overwhelming volunteer response by its membership. “Catch the Spirit” became an enthusiastic theme throughout the massive project.

This “work bee beyond work bees” had the largest turnout in more than 50 years. Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, members went to work on a complete landscaping overhaul, concrete and stucco work and a much-needed new wall structure.

Continuing to keep the spirit alive, the volunteers took a closer look at the interior. A revamped audio-visual system, new industrial kitchen appliances and a refurbished mother's room have just been a start.

The church also plans a large digital church sign, in which events will be better noticed and easily updated. The opportunity is great, since traffic is quite heavy on the church’s front-campus road.

This vision, spearheaded by the church's property management committee, aspired to reach an even greater goal: to provide a community-friendly church property where the Treasure Valley communities can feel and know they are welcome.

Cloverdale members look forward to continuing on with a Spirit-filled passion for their community.

Featured in: September 2010