Single Mom's Oil Change in Goldendale

August 01, 2010 | Elaine Kubler

Business was brisk for People Helping People in Goldendale, Wash. It was the Single Mom's Oil Change day. The Pathfinders were busy washing the cars. Some other church members were vacuuming out the cars. Others were off to the side, sitting in lawn chairs, visiting with the owners of the cars, some of whom had to choose between groceries and a car oil change. One car drove up and the woman driver said, "One o'clock, I knew I would get here right after church." She got out of her car and was invited to sit with the rest in the chairs. The conversation progressed from talking about her church to her meth recovery and the fact that she had reclaimed her four children after she had been under the control of her addiction. During the time, her mother had taken the responsibility for her children. The grandmother of four had formed a group of relatives who were raising their meth-addicted children's children. Several years ago, the grandmother had been invited to the Goldendale Church to talk about her mission and how others can deal with the same situation in their lives.

When the daughter of the older woman was explaining all this, it clicked with the health ministries leader, who was sitting with her. The leader exclaimed, "I know who you are. I am the one who invited your mother to our church to talk about meth addiction." Then the conversation turned to what the Goldendale Church has been doing within the community to help others and the various camps for children that are available. The mother then said, "I was raised an Adventist." She told how she had attended church school, been a Pathfinder and gone to church with her family. The inevitable question surfaced. "What made you leave the church?" She answered that it was her mother and father breaking up and her mother moving away from the community where she had been so comfortable. This caused her to rebel. She has come to the Lord now and has her children back. She was invited to come to our church. Now we need to love her and pray for her.

This is what happened at the Single Mom's Oil Change. This special lady was only one of the 15 single moms that day. People Helping People had invited these single mothers to come at no charge so that we could service their cars. People Helping People also feeds the homeless on Mondays and Wednesdays. Jesus helped people, and that is what we want — to be like Jesus.