National Merit Scholarship Finalist

Mount Ellis Adventist Academy, in Bozeman, Mont., is proud to announce that Steffanie Robertus, senior, has been selected as a National Merit Scholarship finalist. Robertus achieved this distinction by scoring in the top one percent of all high school students nationally on both PSAT and SAT exams.

Many universities offer full-ride scholarships to National Merit Scholars, so Robertus has many educational opportunities open to her. She is currently planning to attend Washington State University and study molecular genetics.

In addition to her academic success Robertus is class president, accompanist for the singing group, Dynamics, and a starter on the basketball team. She also volunteers for many hours with ministries at her local church. Much of the credit for her accomplishment goes to her parents, Margaret and Bryan, who homeschooled her through her sophomore year.

Robertus says “When I first came here I wasn’t sure what to anticipate because I hadn’t been in a formal school before. I didn’t even know how to use my locker or what it was for. But the students were so good to me and made me feel so comfortable here. It’s really been great. These past two years at MEAA have been amazing for me. All of the teachers really have a passion for what they do, and they have helped me succeed in all areas of my life.”

Featured in: March 2010