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Wrapping the Decade

As we prepare to ring in a new decade it seems fitting to revisit a special millennial Christmas message, originally shared in the December 1999 GLEANER. This poem was written for North Pacific Union members by Melvin Oss, a former pastor, missionary and youth director, who was 98 years old at the time.

The Christmas season year by year,

Renews bright hope and brings us cheer.

We celebrate the Savior’s birth,

When angels sang of peace on earth.

God loved the world so much He gave,

His only son, lost man to save.

Christ came to earth from heav’n above;

His lowly birth reveals God’s love.

Sin's penalty of death for all,

On Adam's race came with the fall.

The Lord was born that He might die;

A saving sacrifice supply.

The curse from sin on you and me,

Christ bore by death on Calvary.

His death has merit to suffice,

For sinners a full sacrifice.

Christ shed His blood for you and me.

I thank the Lord for Calvary.

All who repent, on Him believe,

Full pardon for their sins receive.

In heaven Christ now intercedes:

The merits of His blood He pleads.

He offers ransom from the fall.

Salvation’s gift is free to all.

Christ promised He’d return again,

And take the saints to heaven then.

I pray that we may ready be,

To live with Him eternally.

With gladness our hearts overflow.

By giving, some folks their love show.

May both our gifts and giving praise,

Rebound to glory all our days.

As by the Spirit folks are led,

In confidence we’ll march ahead.

Through portals of another year,

In hope that Christ will soon appear!

When close of ’99 has come,

We’ll greet the new millennium.

On God to guide us we depend,

To lead us to triumphant end.

On behalf of the North Pacific Union Conference we wish you a happy and love-filled Christmas season and a blessed New Year.

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