Did You Know - November, 2009

Pathfinder Trivia

Source: Pathfinder Today (the camporee newspaper).

1. The name Pathfinder was first used at a summer camp in:

a. California

b. Colorado

c. Michigan

d. Texas

2. The first Pathfinder flag was sewed in 1948 by:

a. Emily Bissell

b. Cecelia Evans

c. Helen Hobbs

d. Betsy Ross

3. The Pathfinder song was written in 1949 by:

a. Andrew Imbrie

b. Henry Bergh

c. Maurice Ohana

d. Harold Truscott

4. In 2008, five new North American Division Adventist Youth honors were approved for Pathfinders, including Letterboxing, Unicycle, Gold Prospecting, Hot Air Balloon and:

a. Forestry

b. Christian Drama

c. Digital Photography

d. Geneology

Answers: 1. a., California; 2. c., Helen Hobbs; 3. b., Henry Bergh; 4. a., Forestry.

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