World News Briefs - October 2009

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World’s Hungry Passes One Billion

The U.N. World Food Program reports the number of people going hungry every day has reached 1.02 billion. An additional 100 million people are in chronic hunger and poverty compared to this time last year. While the number of hungry people worldwide is increasing, many aid agencies are reporting fewer donations and budget cuts.



Student Unrest at Adventist School

Seventh-day Adventist Church officials in East-Central Africa are investigating a recent series of clashes between students and administration at Bugema Adventist School in Luweero, Uganda. Students reportedly began rioting when a much-anticipated music program was cancelled. Students allegedly caused more than $4,000 in damages to school property before police officers were able to bring them under control. Two students were injured in the incident. Church officials say there is evidence the recent unrest is related to deeper, ongoing issues at the school.

Source: Adventist News Network


Jerusalem Celebrates Religious Liberty

In July, hundreds of religious liberty proponents from Israel and the Palestinian Territories gathered in Jerusalem for the symbolic city's first festival of religious freedom. Hosting the event in a city holy to Christianity, Judaism and Islam was particularly significant to the International Religious Liberty Association, who sponsored the event. Organizers report the event generated a climate of good understanding among attendees.

Source: Adventist News Network


Mission Offerings Buck Financial Trends

Despite the uncertain global economy, the Seventh-day Adventist World Church is reporting a 13 percent upswing in Global Mission donations for the first six months of 2009, compared to the same fiscal period last year. "This increase is coming not so much from new donors, but from our regular donors who are giving even more," says Nimfa Sumagaysay, Adventist Mission donor response manager. The Giving USA Foundation's 2009 survey reports that, while two-thirds of public charities experienced decreased donations in 2008, religious organizations reported an increase of 5.5 percent.

Source: Adventist News Network


Church Activities Uninterrupted by Political Change

Seventh-day Adventist Church services and activities continue in Honduras, following the recent ousting of the nation’s president. The interim government established a curfew and increased the military presence in major cities. "So far all of our churches throughout Tegucigalpa and the rest of the country have continued their weekly services without any problems," says Walter Ciguenza, Mid-Central American Union communication director. "There is far more tranquility here than has been portrayed through the media." More than 200,000 Seventh-day Adventists worship in 379 churches in Honduras.

Source: Adventist News Network

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