Our Best Kept Secret

Did you know that the Upper Columbia Conference has a secret? Well not really, but did you know that we as a church own over 150 acres on the North side of Lake Chelan? That's right! We own property on one of the ritziest, cleanest and deepest lakes in North America!

This beautiful lakefront property complete with cabin and camping sites was donated to the church several years ago by Dr. Ogden, a non-Adventist who wanted to give the land to a non-profit organization. Thanks to the work of an Adventist attorney, our conference became the beneficiaries of the gift. Although the Wenatchee Church has become the custodian of the property, any church is welcome to use the land by permission.

There's more good news! The Upper Columbia Conference has promised to match any funds we raise for "Camp Chelan" up to $5000.00. The property is in need of some work. The dock, porch, roof and stairs leading to the cabin need to be rebuilt or repaired. The cabin could also use a coat of paint, and more campsite space needs to be cleared.

If you or your church would be interested in partnering up with the Wenatchee church by either donating money or manpower please contact our church office at (509) 663-4032. Also, since this property can only be accessed by boat, we are looking for someone who is willing to donate a working one to the camp. This would not only help us get access but would help others throughout this conference experience our "best kept secret."

Featured in: October 2009