Intentional Friendship Leads to Baptism

Tom and Sharon Hughes looked radiant as they prepared for their baptism June 20.

They recently moved from California to Deary, Idaho, where they lived most of their lives.

Upon arriving in Deary, Tom and Sharon enlisted Lon Boothby, a local Adventist realtor, to help them purchase a home. When word spread the Ginter house had new owners, local Adventists began dropping by to welcome them.

One day, they went to a yard sale at the home of retired Adventist pastor Otis and Ann Parks. A friendship developed and it wasn’t long before they began Bible studies.

When asked what brought them into the church, Sharon, with face aglow says, "There were several things involved. It wasn't a coincidence we kept running into these Adventists. Also, it has always bothered me to attend church on Sunday when the Bible plainly says the seventh-day Sabbath is the true day of rest. Then on our first visit to the Deary Church, we felt right at home. We were received in genuine love, warmth and friendship. Our decision was sealed.”

Tom, a retired heavy equipment operator and electrician, spends time these days working on their ‘divinely appointed' house. Everywhere one finds Tom, he is sharing his newfound faith in Jesus. The burden of sharing Jesus' love with the townsfolk weighs heavily on his heart. Tom is ready to serve his Lord.

Sharon's Christian experience began, when at a very young age, her widowed mother started faithfully sending her brothers and her to church every Sunday. Then, at 12 years old, her pastor invited her and a friend to sing on his Christian-radio program every Sunday. One of her many talents is writing poetry. And Sharon recently discovered the Holy Spirit had expanded this gift into song writing.

They are a tremendous blessing to the Deary Church.

Featured in: October 2009